How Contractors Can Help You to Build a Better Bathroom

Building a better bathroom with the help of seasoned Construction Companies is no longer just a dream. There is so much more to a bathroom than meets the eye. It is just not the basics like your bath, basin, toilet, and shower that matter anymore.

Nowadays bathrooms are generously proportioned and lavishly equipped with the necessary comforts where both young and old can exercise, dry their hair, apply makeup, dress or just relax.

Even if space tends to be a premium, with proper planning and state of the art design together with a bit of ingenuity, your new bathroom can be both elegant and appealing.

Then again, you do not want your bathroom area to become dated. In this regard, the simpler your tiles and permanent fittings, the less likely they will date. You can make your fashion statement using towels, blinds and other accessories which can be changed when you feel it is time for a more modern mood.

Here are some useful tips provided by your local contractor regarding the best position for your basin, which bath is right for your needs, and what is best for your shower:

  • Basins – They should be placed so there are enough elbow room and space left to stand in front of it. For instance, wall-hung varieties with a pedestal would fill a smaller area better than countertops that feature built-in basins. The latter is way more streamlined.
  • Baths – There are such as a vast array of baths available, that it is best to consult with your home construction company as to the best option for your new home. One wouldn’t want to opt for a short bath unless of course space is limited to at least accommodate a decent sized bath. Other options would be platform baths, corner baths, free-standing Victorian baths, and Jacuzzi like baths. The surrounding area needs to be constructed in such a way that your bath area appears natural.
  • Bidets – You get two types; over-rim horizontal spray with no jet, and the vertical jet spray. Take care to position a soap holder nearby and have towel rail handy too.
  • Toilets – Pay attention to where the sewer is located as alterations to your drainage system, later on, can prove to be very expensive. Most toilets are made from vitreous china which is a hard non-porous, ceramic type of material that is similar to porcelain. Some models do not have tanks whereas others would have the container hidden in the wall or integral to the toilet.
  • Showers – Best to ensure to install a thermostat control to prevent scalding when showering. Consider a shower that can be height adjusted to accommodate children. Position soap holders and grab rails in such a way that everyone can reach them, an additional shower seat is also a good idea if there is enough space available.

With the right combination of color, storage facilities and other accessories, your bathroom area can be transformed into a tranquil haven that everyone will look forward to retreating into at the end of busy day.

Ensure You Position Your Sanitaryware Properly

Regardless of how aesthetically pleasing your bathroom fixtures are, bad planning can turn out to be an endless source of irritation. Some things you need to consider would include:

  1. Whether or not there is enough legroom around the toilet and bidet
  2. Are you able to open your bathroom window without climbing into the bath itself?
  3. Do you have enough space around you to dress without banging into the basic every time you bend?

Small basins are not a good fit for a family bathroom. Be sure to get in touch with your general contractors as they have all the right connections so you can avail of a huge selection of freestanding basins that you may mix and match to your heart’s content.

Creating a user-friendly bathroom is all about maximizing your space. Rest assured, home builders  offer a variety of cleverly designed bathroom themes for new homeowners where space saving abounds.

As one of the top new home’s companies, they are sure to exceed all your construction expectations and provide complete solutions to any new home’s construction project.